iPad Apps For Teachers

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There are literally thousands of iPad apps for teachers who want to enhance their daily lessons or classroom management with new and innovative teaching strategies. If you are a teacher and are curious what works and what doesn’t work well in the classroom, Spirited Teaching, is the place to learn. I have probably tried just about everything and it is my goal to tell you about all of them. Because I am a first-year teacher, I could probably afford to be a little bit more experimental with Technology in the classroom than most established veterans who would prefer not to gamble with their proven methods. However, even the most excellent, veteran teachers are always looking for ways to spice up the classroom and their profession. The lengthy list of iPad apps for teachers includes more than just classroom management and educational programs. There are also a few things teachers can use to help with their job such as grading papers, organizing seating charts and creating lesson plans. It is my intention to eventually provide an in-depth review on each of the products that I found the most useful, but that will take some time. Meanwhile, I thought it would be helpful to offer a categorical overview of some of the ways that I put my iPad to use in the classroom my first year as a teacher.  I’ve grouped these iPad applications into three categories: Teacher Tools, Classroom Management and Learning Tools. One other important thing I need to mention: Throughout this article, I will often mention that I am displaying these iPad apps on a projector screen. In order to display the iPad screen on a projector, you can either use a document camera or an Apple TV. With the Apple TV, you can wirelessly display your iPad to your projector screen from anywhere in the classroom. I will talk about this extensively in my upcoming review on the Apple TV for teachers.  Meanwhile, if you prefer not to use technology in the classroom, but like using your iPad, you might find some other ways where it can make things easier for you.  Here are just a few of the iPad Apps that I’ve used, both inside and outside, of the classroom.

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