Math Literacy

Math LiteracyBelow is a class assignment and math literacy lesson plan that I created this year as part of my Colorado Work Sample. The Colorado Work Sample includes an entire Unit Plan comprised of 10-15 lessons based on standards from the Colorado Department of Education. This is an important requirement for receiving an alternative teaching license in Colorado. I chose a math fractions unit consisting of 12 lesson plans. A requirement for completing the Colorado Work Sample unit is to include reading and writing literacy in one or more of the lessons. Prior to beginning this unit, I had not given math literacy much, if any thought. Thankfully, one of my many excellent Regis instructors, taught an entire class on the subject of literacy in math. This had a profound impact me and on the teaching strategies I will continue to use to teach math from this point forward.

Before starting this particular lesson plan, my math lessons were rather dull and dry, full of raw numbers, teaching kids how to do the algorithms, but not focusing much on what it all means and how it is really used. The assignment required me to take a deeper look at story problems and the importance of reading and writing, literacy in understanding math.

Please feel free to copy and paste any portion of my lesson plan and assignment to use in your own classroom. You may alter the contents for your own needs and situation as you see fit.

Fourth Grade Math Literacy Assignment

by Rob Delisa

Step One: Reading in Math Literacy

After losing the Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos decided they should have dinner. Only 10 players were hungry. The rest of them were sick to their stomachs from losing. Of the 10 hungry players, 6 decided to go out for Pizza and 4 went out for Mexican food. Peyton Manning was one of the 6 who wanted Pizza and he offered to buy. The 6 hungry players walked into Pizza Hut and ordered 3 Large Pizzas. 1 Large Pepperoni was cut into 16 slices. 1 large sausage pizza was cut into 8 slices and one large, hamburger pizza was sliced into 12 slices. . Eric Decker ate 4 Pepperoni Slices. Peyton Manning ate 3 slices of Sausage Pizza. Wes Welker ate 4 slices of hamburger pizza. Julius Thomas ate 6 slices of Pepperoni pizza. Montee Ball ate 2 slices of Sausage pizza and Jacob Tamme ate 5 slices of hamburger pizza.

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